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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 9- On the Go

So, my son has his Pre-Kindergarten culmination tomorrow morning and I decided to take him out and about after school.

I started the morning with a celery apple orange ginger juice and followed up with my left over mean green from yesterday for midmorning/lunch.

I had a bunch of errands to run: oil change for the P-mobile, Target run to get my son's culmination gift(a razor scooter), to the park to test out said scooter, Madagascar 3, and a mall run to get lil man a fresh outfit for tomorrow. My Android is acting a fool and wont hold a charge and refuses to work with my car charger anymore, so I was at a complete loss on where to find a juice bar.

I decided to seek out South L.A.'s Simply Wholesome Organic market and restaurant while I was out because I was positive that they had a juice bar. Low and behold, they do not make their own juice. I was shocked, but there were 2 refrigerators of organic bottled juices to choose from. I picked one that appeared to be alright-I tossed the bottle. and since my phone was dead, I couldn't snap a pic of it and cant remember the name. It tasted OK, but my freshly made juice from home is much better.

I'm off to bed without making anymore juice.

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