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Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 7-Here comes the hard part...

So, my throat issue has turned into a But I will persist. I had a few minor set backs and some cheating *minor*-sunflower seeds (AGAIN), but I'm not going to let that get me off of my goal of 30 days. Um, I'm not doing any update of the weekend. I came, I saw, I juiced...nuff said.

It's now starting to dawn on me just how daunting a task this is. The amount of veggies needed on hand is starting to put stress on refrigerator space, I really need to start conserving water and God knows what else is going to pop up. However, I am confident that I can continue on and make it to my goal and (maybe) beyond. I added herbal tea twice a day to help with this throat/cough situation. I smoke(d) cigarettes (socially), and maybe this is my body's way of kicking my ass for it. I haven't had a cigarette since I started, nor have I wanted one. The smell alone makes me sick to my stomach.

Let's get to it:

Morning Juice
Tricycakes Apple, Carrot, Orange, Spinach, Ginger Blend

1 Apple
6 Oranges (peeled)
3 Carrots
A handful of spinach
~1" of ginger

Herbal Tea is now a must
Good juice for branching out on my own to try new flavor combinations.


Mean Green
(recipe found on Day 1)


Sunset Blend Juice
1 large Sweet Potato
1 medium Carrot
1 Red Bell Pepper
2 large Red Beets
2 Golden Delicious Apples
1 Orange, optional (I opted not)

This is a nice, hearty and filling juice. The sweet potato adds a nice depth and dimension that I've been missing.

I was provided some juicing info from a pro, Mr. Pudginald Stanley. Take of it what you will. I feel that I've been digesting chemicals and all sorts of tomfoolery for years, I don't think mixing fruit and veggies will make THAT big of a difference.

Hey Patrice, one suggestion for your juicing
"Keep Fruits and Veggies Separate: 
It's best not to mix fruit and vegetable juice together as they are digested differently. Combine a sweeter vegetable (carrot) with a bitter vegetable. An exception would be apple, used sparingly, with more bitter greens."

i got that from here :

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  1. The blood of Jesus over those cigs *inside joke* but for serious, I'm glad your body is detoxing and you are paying attn to what it's telling you.