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Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 11-Whoooo-ooooo

Here is the second half of today's two-fer!

So, I started off today with a concoction that I just thought up. My veg supply was limited this morning, but I had a whole packet of strawberries and thought, 'what the hell".

 Morning Juice: (I took pics, but it appears that my android ate them)
15 or so strawberries (I keep my stems, because more juice is less wut?)
1 peeled lime
A few Celery stalks
 Handful of spinach
1 green apple

 This juice was aaaight. It was pretty tart, but there was a pleasant sweetness. I'll probably forgo the lime if I attempt this one again.

Midmorning juice:
1/2 of green cabbage
1 cucumber
4 roma tomatoes
1/4 red onion
1 bunch parsley
1 Red Bell Pepper

 This was a truncated AND expanded Gazpacho juice. I substituted cabbage for celery, because I didn't have anymore. I also forgot the lime...It was good. The cabbage trumped everything else other than the onion. I had a boat load of this and sipped on it for the rest of the day.

Since I was running low on veg, I decided to take a field trip over to Grand Central Market  to re-up. Here is the deal-there is delicious food EVERYWHERE. The smells are enough to make you forget your fast and dive head first into a plate of street tacos. Once you make it through that madness and get to the veg, it's mostly rotten and just under moldy-which is why you get some ridiculous deals (6 cucumbers for $1?!). I found a veg stand that was a little less rotten than the rest and spent about $12 for a bunch of stuff-2 bunches of celery, 2 bunches of spinach, bag of apples, 2 bags of carrots, 6 cucumbers, packet of blueberries and strawberries and some other stuff. REALLY look at what you're buying, because you don't want moldy produce.

 Juicing featured on 'The View' today.

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