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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day-8 How not to do it...

So, I failed in a spectacular fashion today. I've been taking a parenting class at my son's school and today was the last day of our class. Sidenote-if they offer parenting class where your kids go, take it. It's a wonderful resource, and you can use the certificate for child care certifications and custody disputes.

Last week, before I started fasting, we had a potluck list for the POTLUCK that took place today. 1 word-CHILAQUILES. One of the parents brought in 2 varieties of this tasty mexican treat. The air was rife with the scents of onions and cilantro. There were refried beans, donuts, and fucking 10 in the morning. My carrot apple ginger juice was NO match. I put up a brave front, but I was dying inside. The other very helpful and generous parents continued to offer me food, me politely declining each time. They just couldn't understand why a sane person could pass up such a bounteous feast. I was persuaded to at least take a plate home to give my son for lunch. I made a small portion and put in my bag with every intention of doing just that.

Me and my son got home and I showed him the plate of delicious chilaquiles. He took one look and was having none of it. I made him a sandwich and then fell upon the chilaquiles like a ravenous beast. With sauce dripping from my chin like the blood that flows from the neck of a freshly killed dear, I came out of this haze of chewing and swallowing and said one word...'FAIL'.

I FAILED SO BAD...and the aftermath was equally horrendous. Stomach cramps, fatigue, and the overwhelming sense that I let myself down. But after I awoke from my chilaquiles fueled nap, I went to the kitchen, started my juicer and made me some MEAN GREEN with added tomatoes and garlic.
Even though I failed, I'm not going to STOP. I just have to be even more diligent. I also need to know that I'm not trying to win a record for the most perfect juice fast ever. I'm human and we all make mistakes, but it IS up to me to keep going, not make this one act an excuse for me to stop. It's my choice, and I choose the juice.

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  1. Sounds like you shoulda followed young Dallas' lead. But well said. Dust yourself off and keep rollin. This is a remarkable journey. Rooting for you!

  2. damn CHILAQUILES!!! For every win there is a fail or something like that Whitney sings so the two go hand in hand. I had to eat something before the Lil Kim concert so my 10 days have had their moments. You had your moment, reflected on the aftermath and can move forward. YOU CAN DO IT! Love you sis for sharing your TRUTH!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you for supporting me in this journey. It's a process and I shall PROCEED...and rock the juice.